Chrysocolla: Large Specimen (Arizona)

Chrysocolla: Large Specimen (From Arizona) -- top

Chrysocolla: Large Specimen (From Arizona) -- bottom

Chrysocolla: Large Specimen (From Arizona) -- top with I.D. Tag

Many years ago, my better half and I went to Arizona for our 25th wedding anniversary.
We went to the Grand Canyon, among other places.
But no trip is complete without a visit to a mining and mineral museum.
In this case, the Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum in Phoenix.
An amazing place, by the way – so many stunning minerals. I wish I would have had a smart phone like the one I have now...
What stands out for me was an exhibit of ordinary rocks displayed like a meal. I just love the way rock people think...
Anyway, just as we were about to leave, I saw this pictured beauty sitting on the counter.
I asked the docent what kind of rock this was (I didn’t know much about rocks back then).
He said “Chrysocolla” and that this rock had been found just that day.
It had no price on it, so I thought perhaps it wasn’t for sale and/or it would be out of my price range anyway.
Still, I asked if it was for sale or something to be added to their collection.
He thought for a moment, and said, “We could let it go, I suppose.” He thought for a moment. “How does 10 bucks sound?”
I swear, I thought my knees would buckle, I was so excited. But I gathered my wits and said, “I suppose that would be okay.”
It cost me more to send the specimen home, $18 dollars. Still, not a bad deal at $28.
It’s very delicate and a soft rock, almost like a talc – I wasn’t sure it would make it home in one piece, but with lots of bubble wrap and peanuts, it did.
It’s a biggie at

2 pounds/ 8.8 ounces
1,155 grams

One of my favorites, for sure!

Arizona Mining & Mineral Museum
Department of Mines & Mineral Resources
1502 W. Washington
Phoenix, Arizona 85007

Acquired May 2009


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