Leaverite: Adorable "Leaverites" (Sandstones?)

Adorable "Leaverites" -- Probably Sandstone

We ran across these interesting "Leaverites," the kind of stones that even hardcore rockhounds tend to leave behind.

They just look so cool together as a group, almost like a meal.

Like many rockhounds, we pick up rocks wherever we happen to be.

Drives our family crazy -- they are always stumbling over them, which is why our rocks need to be organized better.

We have no idea what they are, perhaps a sandstone. We think they're from Iowa, discovered on a construction site where an addition was being added to a Hard Rock Casino, heh -- get it?), so sandstone would make sense.

If you have any interesting Leaverites, feel free to post them here.

What fun it is being rock people.


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